Autumn Invocations 9/26 at LightandSpaceYoga

The Season of Change brings great transformational power. Sound carries this potency across the ethers and into our hearts. In the Vedic tradition Autumn gives rise to the potency of our collective Shakti- awakening the Mother Goddess to carry us through the darkness and into the light. From MahaNavarari to Diwali, this season is potent with energies that call us into deeper listening, insight, devotion and revelation. We dance and celebrate through Song in the great Victory over ignorance and suffering. 

Join us for an evening of mantric sound journeys and raaga-inspired devotional beats by Priya Deepika. We’ll continue to dance and move our bodies with the global sounds of Earthtones.

Tuesday September 26th, 7pm-10pm $20-$30 sliding scale

OCTOBER 21, 2023

Ojai, CA